How To Become a Music Producer ?

How To Become a Music Producer ? MarG in these section of learning course of composition , arranger , mix and master tutorials talking about how to you become a music producer ?

Tutorials Instructor is Mearaj Tabasi ( he is one of powerful of Persian Music Theorist’s ) .

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How To Become a Music Producer ?

MarG lotfabadi answers to all questions about this challenge for anyone who like to become Music Producer .Also Marg Music support team suggestion to you for watching other tutorials like this



Arranging mix and master tutorial video

Instructor : MarG Lotfabadi

how to become a music producer

 Tutorials Instructor is Mearaj Tabasi ( MarG Lotfabadi )


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How To Become a Music Producer

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Music Composer

Music Arrangement

Mix and Mastering Music

Video Title: How To Become a Music Producer

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Nick Name : MarG LotfAbadi

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How To Become a Music Producer ?

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instructional video about music produce and arrangement ( direct link to for watch video on YouTube ) how can i be a composer ?

This is another learning video

about Cubase ,arrangement, mix , master tutorial

And generally work with

Cubase software and FL studio and Logic pro x

and all of software that we can learn it to you.
Our goal in this course is that,
Get to know you with arrangement
And musical terms

that many may not know or know very little about or know something wrong,
we want to make you more aware of that.
Arrangement, mix and mastering, producing
and In general, anything in the field of art.
It is a completely theoretical process that requires academic education
and a lot of study and practice and continuity in it and many other things together
and one of those topics is talent.

What we want to teach is
actually a simple way to use this software’s and the features are provides
Some basic information about music,
instrumentation, sound engineering,
mixing and mastering.
All of these, I explain in full,
what the arrangement is?
What is composing?

What is the stage of poetry and melody?
What is Mix and Master?
And I will check these different steps
in other stages of our video with you.
The most important thing to know is that
it never matters how bright and brilliant your resume is,
or how famous you are,

or what equipment you have.
And what software do you use?
Because a lot of people asked me,
what software you work with or what software her/his works with.
It’s different,

and it all depends on the person’s habit, which software is easier to work with.
It doesn’t necessarily that I work with Q-bass ,
which means that Q-bass is the best software or it haven’t any problem.
somebody use protos, or another person work with logic pro x ,
or one person use FL studio, None of this confirms or denies any software.
And it just shows that I’m more comfortable with this software and
I’m working with this software.
My preference is to give you this tutorial on Cubase

Because it is more accessible and its features are available at
least for mixing and mastering and arrangement adjustment.
It’s user friendly.

How To Become a Music Producer ?

User friendly means you easily use it for your work .
As a result, we put their our training on Q bass.
The topic I was describing was that It doesn’t matter
if you are a well-known mix man or how many famous work you produce that,
for you’re project result, These aren’t important at all.

The most important thing you need to think about
is that the main goal of an artist
is that he wants to shape his artwork properly and best.
This means if one person

seen or listen or look on you’re art work,
.he/she give you’re meaning of you’re art work
.you didn’t exaggerated any thing for you’re meaning,
These will increase the angles of your artwork.
So, one of things that is important it how good you can do you’re project,
in arrangement and mix and mastering.
I don’t want to explain Composing,

Because it is very dependent on music theory
and emotional of composer.
Maybe it’s quite a matter of taste.

The composing going to poem and melody.
At the first I have no specialization in poetry,
second this situation most of that its about poem.
What we’re talking about is arrangement and mix and mastering.
On the next section that is the first section of our tuning tutorial,
I totally describe what the meaning of arrangement?

How To Become a Music Producer ?

And the important situation we try to teach it completely.
For this reason we most start with the first steps
and tell you all of thing and describe for you all of basics levels,
and if somebody thinking this levels are very easily,

they can send me a direct on Instagram and we can take personal classes
and the personal classes are very different conditions.
I want to tell you one topic, we don’t have any sponsors,
and all of the conditions and equipment’s
and works they are done with my self,

filming, mixing, or all of things are done in these videos,
Totally If the quality of the work is low,
consider that I am not excellent at editing the video
we have problems with times because I must done this videos quickly.
And as you know I have a dog in my house
and he is there and i don’t know you can see he,

It may sometimes be in videos.
Don’t be fooled, it might be a fun in the middle of what we’re doing.
We started at basics level
we need some Primary equipment for that we can started our teaching.
Anyone who wants to do music works, must know the music alphabet.
Knowing some basics information about music
its necessary for our work and in my opinion between this video and next video
you guys going for searching about music information and I tell

you what my meaning about music theory?
The meaning of theory of music just about knowing notes and beats,
we don’t want to do harmonies , That wants to be tough or boring
Recognize musical notes to the extent :
do, re, me , fa, so, la, ci

And that’s where is on the piano and music beats
what is the difference between that’s?
For now, that’s information is enough.\

How To Become a Music Producer ?

and we need some equipment then we can going on step by step.
We need a computer case or laptop and at the least that’s must have ram.
That’s not matter what’s your CPU’s level but its better you use Core I 5 or upper
and we need some space on you’re hard for you can do you’re project on it.
I think for now at least we need 8gb or 16gb.

For starting because you are students you don’t need sound card .
But if who can buy sound card
Send me direct to I can help you that
what sound card you can buy it with your cash,
then we need mini key board,

mini keyboard its a device that send information to computer
and this information sign in computer with form of notes that we play,
this the most important device in arrangement
and its necessary you have a mini keyboard

That’s not matter if it worked,
because It doesn’t have much of an impact on getting started.
Absolutely, for mix and mastering we need studio monitoring,
and usually it have reference and reliable sound

And you can be sure that this sound is true.
Unfortunately, because I don’t live in Iran,
I cant use my studio monitoring
and now I use high speakers
and you can use this speakers for start you’re work .

But over time, that is must to change.
But I tell you the tricks then you can
mix and mastering with out studio monitoring.
Certainly, you need a headphone.

Because what did the family members do wrong that you want to make music?
Especially the arrangement work, if you aren’t interested in it,
you will soon get tired of it maybe you leave it,
because you must listen and manipulate

and change a voice repeatedly for arrive to your target.
And you listen to a melody and poem’s several times to understand

what do you can do for correct arrangement?

So, in my opinion certainly if you want to have a
privacy place you need to use a headphone.

That’s if you want to know which brand
you must buy check you’re pocket and buy it,
And I don’t introduce you to any brand,
but I want my equipment to be from the best brand
And maybe I’ll spend the maximum amount of money on my equipment,
but This doesn’t mean that you have to do this.

How To Become a Music Producer ?

You’re hands are open to buy any of these things
and that’s not important that we have so special things.
According to your budget and you’re work’s levels.
I can help you with your budget you can buy what?
One things I want to explain it in this video.
This video is my first experience.

If It have problems, please excuse me , this the first connection with me and you,
I hope we can Let’s expand this connection day by day,
we need to upper than subscriber’s,
it’s meaning visits of our video is going up, and if our video going up
I understand my videos its more visits with you.

This is an encouragement for me, on the other way because
I don’t have any sponsors maybe I started to extend this work.
So,I ask you to do what you can for this collection, that’s it
you can Introduce us to your friends

those you think are interested in arrangement, mix and mastering and tell
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Because if your account isn’t active or if you
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In my opinion, we can connect and I try to upload videos quickly for you
and I promise learn you any thing
I know about arrangement, mix and explain that.

How To Become a Music Producer ?

As you know, As I said several times on
my Instagram, this videos are completely free,
this thing that I want learn to you I spend years in it,
and I studying that for years.

So, don’t hurry because we cant end it in one section or two section.
But I try every thing that I studied Without a bit more or less, I will tech you.
if you’ve some questions you must just commented on YouTube videos
and I just answered to YouTube, comments in which section.

So, do ask any thing in my Instagram or what’s app or telegram ,
because It gets very crowded and I don’t understand what I answered.

When you asked you’re questions in YouTube guys who are just coming
Their question may be your question and a question may not be asked many times
The next time I see the questions, I write the answers on a piece of

paper, and we solve the problem with together.
Don’t be afraid to this work, maybe get tired, may be very discouraged.
This is one element of art work.

Art work usually, It makes you tired, it takes your energy, it takes
all of things you have and you want to leave it,
on that time It brings you back something that you enjoy by you hearing that,
seeing that, to touching that.
So, I like all of you enjoy it.

I love Raise your level of general knowledge about music.
The least I can do, I would like you to
listen to music as a professional listener.

How To Become a Music Producer ?

I would like you to know what happened in a music ( like OON DIGE NEMITOONE )
when you listen to music.(like track GHASAM )
And you can find difference between music.
I respect everyone who does music.

And I don’t criticize anyone.
Please do not create such a criticize space.
We were here just to teaching together,
and again I want to say
These tutorials are free.
my opinion you must see this videos several times,
and help us to most visited and subscribe us
and introduce us to your friend ,

with active account and tried to see all videos to know you are a human.
All of things that I should be say I said and about vst or plugins
I explain for you step by step,
,I tell you their source, if the Iranian guys must be downloaded
or buy it in somewhere again I help you

Totally I’m assistant for all of attendees to this video
I can help with one condition you should save this connection.
I love this work that I do, and I hope I can give your good energy,
I hope you support me enough.

Absolutely, with searching by music theories word you can give enough information,
because I cant teach you music theories in YouTube or in video form or tutorial.
Its better you should research and
if you have problem you can ask your question in my YouTube posts,
I will answered to all of questions.

And rest assured, if you keep this space professional,
in soon we can going to professional man.
Don’t challenge the space at all.

How To Become a Music Producer ?

If you need studying, come here.
If you think you don’t care, you may not see this video.
But in my opinion by watching
you can added to your last knowing about music Because its enjoyment.

I’m talked a lot, in next video we started our lessons,
and we going up step by step.
I hope these videos are very useful for you.
Of course, I hear all your work when you make it.
I shared it in my YouTube.

but the best works
I’m very excited for this reason.
Take care.
Don’t forget to subscribe and introduce us in YouTube.