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What is Frequency !

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We start the first video of the tutorial

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Today we are going to cover a number of very important issues,
Let’s give a general explanation about sound,

hat is sound, frequency and decibels?,
We give a series of explanations on this subject,
And then we get back to the basics lessons,
First of all, I want you all to have a general background about sound,
How is sound produced?,

i clap with my hand,
What sound was made and why was it made?
I want to explain very clearly and simply

Sound is produced in the molecules of the substance in which you create vibration,
The sound you heard was from vibrations between air molecules,
Sound can also be vibrated in air, solids, gases, liquids,
and produced,

Because, the circulation of air molecules


There is a sound between my palms,
so,for circulation of air molecules they make sound,
Suppose there is a slip balloon between my hands,
This balloon slips when I hold my hand

And when I open my hand, it returns to its previous place,
If the return of the molecules is at least sixteen times per second,
That sound can be heard,
The human ear is created to hear between and , Hz,
What does sound frequency mean?
I want to explain this simply,

i said, If the return of the molecules is at least sixteen times per second, we can heard that,
this returns in per seconds,that is frequency,
for example,i told you Its sound frequency is Hz,
what does this mean?


This means that the return of molecules is times per second,hz=the return of molecules is times per second,
That this kind of sound reaches our ears,
now,The human ear is created to hear between and , Hz,
what does this mean?

The lower the return of the molecules,
The sound that is produced is lower,
the lower sound in the music is the base sound,
but in academic theoric we said low frequency,
that mean, what sound have low frequency.,hz its low frequency,
this is lower sound,

The more the molecules move, the more they reach , Hz, the thinner the sound.,
this sounds are a thinner sound,,
this sounds have alot of shsh ,Cc , kh,
We call these sounds high frequency,
That is, sounds whose frequency is high,
And it’s a louder sound,

I have charted these things that I have explained to you,
Below my speech, I will put this photos for you.,
and at end of this video i will share you a screen recorde for that topic,

i want to explain this issue because I think you need background about what is frequenc?,
and when we speak about frequenc,What are we talking about?,
so,The more molecules move, the more they reach , Hz, the louder the sound.,
and in musical terms it’s louder.


and The lower the return of the molecules,the sound is base,
and in musical terms it’s lower
and we say low frequency ,
this is about frequency

now,One important thing to keep in mind

about the volume is that the volume has nothing to do with the frequency of the sound,

This means that you can hear a bass sound very loudly,
and hear a thin sound very faintly ,
The loudness and low noise are related to the peak that the wave creates,
That is, the amount of path that molecules go and return,
that makes the loudness of sound,
So this has nothing to do with the frequency,
Frequency is a separate issue,
loudness is a separate issue,

So when we want to volume of something up
We have nothing to do with frequency,
We’re just increasing the rate of molecules going back and forth,
the frequency is return of the molecules at least sixteen times per second,
I say that several times ,
I said The human ear is created to hear between and , Hz,
and it has daily between and , hz,

but usually hearing frequency are between hz to ,hz,
that last hz and this hz some sound with special conditions ,
It means absolute silence so that you can hear that very loud sound and this very low sound,
now,about loudness ,
the human ears are heard Db to db


that’s mean this range of sound we can hear,
Have you ever noticed that when you sit in a car with a system and increase its volume?,
There is something wrong with hearing you after a while,
This means that you are only inserting a sound wave into your ear with out any special sound,
the human ears are heard between Db to db,
and again I say between Db to db if you want to hear that you must in a special place ,
because it’s so low,

Loud noises are very harmful to the ear,
the sound upper than db it’s harmful to the ear,
so at the first of the work We sign a contract that,
We don’t make music, we don’t listen to music, we don’t mix music, we don’t master music out loud.,
We are not going to raise the voice of anything at all,
Hear this from me,

The only tool that is institutionalized in your body is your ear,
So if you lose your hearing, you have nothing to replace,
work with that, you must care your ears, ,
Like a surgeon working with her hands and fingers,
Like a pilot working with her eyes and hands,
so, care your ear


I offered you to install an application in you’re phone,,
that’s name is decibel,ofcourse this application is for iPhone ,
And maybe the same software for Android,
decibel x allows you to know how many decibels of sound there are ,
Usually try not to listen to more than to decibels,
It both tires your ears and hits that ,

The next point is that you have to work in standard conditions,
This way, the lighting is suitable for this room,
There’s a light bulb over my head that, if I turn it on,this place looks like an office,
for this reason, I love this lighting, ,
I offered you must work in lovely place,
and this conditions that I said you must do for you’re ears don’t hits at all,
The explanations I gave you,

Here I want to show you its graphs and diagrams,
See why this has a higher frequency than the other,
Every time this happens, it’s the same time the molecules go back and forth,
There are round trips here,
There are round trips here


so,this is have lower frequency than upper one,
this low frequency and this is high frequency ,
the first one is a high frequency ,
and the second one is low frequency ,
this is about frequency ,
this picture is about decibel ,

about loudness of sound and length of sound path,
If you pay attention, when you produce a sound, then that sound gradually decreases,
this path is you see it’s after you produce a sound ,
do you see? at first when the sound is produce ,
it have upper decibel

and then it’s going to and we don’t have and sounds,
and the next explanation it’s about human ear,
that the green part is safe,
and it don’t have risk


like whispering sound,whispering is a netural sound and its between db and db,
and next sound is normal sound
and its humans sound and its db,
and the is play gram sound it’s in the area ,in street ,
in the park,etc…,
they to db,

From to decibels is the risk edge,
and its like industrial tools sound,
and they sound between db to db,
and they sound between db to db,

and the sounds that hit the human ears ,
like,air plane sound,if you pay attention to that the officers in air port they use headphones ,
that help to turn down the decibel of sound ,
and don’t hit they ears ,
so,you in your work office ,
Be sure to control the sound you hear,

And be mindful of the decibels of sound so that your ears don’t get hurt,
the important thing about your workplace acoustic


but I don’t explain it now, because we start with basic Equipment,
and acoustic it’s for when you have monitoring speakers ,
and you want to use you’re studio monitoring sound ,
now,we start our tutorial with headphone,
we don’t need that situation ,

But I’ll explain the acoustics later,
What should be considered in making the room acoustic?,
Now we want to go to get acquainted with the original space of cubase software,
I hope you downloaded cubase,
and we can use it simply ,

cubase, sonar,ableton live,logic pro xbox,protools and all of this are original software
and with this software we can produce music,
and it’s not difference what software do you use?,
because all of them working in a one way,
And that is to put your taste together and turn it into music,
the model of these softwares are same but one different in that the place of options ,
That their abilities are all the same, they can all help you equally,
but all of that are standard for this work,
as you see I open cubase in my menu,

like another software ,
we can create new,open,save our projects ,
because it’s a media producer software, it has import and export ,
import meen upload something to the software ,
you can import,audio, track archive, use another projects, audio CD,video, voice,or another format ,

export mean download projects from software ,
you can export video,audio,amf, aff or another format ,
in edit part ,all of the works that you want do on your projects


you can copy, past,do wrong press control +z,redo, seeing history ,
and you can in key commons part you made you’re opinion key ,
for example quantize I suggest for that q key if I click somewhere in my project and click q key,

that part going quantize ,
cut (ctrl+x),copy(ctrl+c),past(ctrl+e),all of the normal thing I use it,
in the preference part ,the general setting of cubase in there, ,
it means you can set your cubase in your taste ,
for example this part,return to start position on stop,
it means when you’re scroll going on whenever you click on stop,the scroll return to first position,
and if you don’t select this item,when you click on stop you’re scroll
It stays there,

These settings are configurable in cubase,
in project part,you work with another menu,
I explain it in our tutorial,
I want to introduce you to the top menu,
All of this parts are used in our work,
We have a lot work to do with this option,
when we want add track in our project we use add track,

if iwant midi I used midi part,
if I want use effect I select effects,
if Iwant to create a group, I select group option,
I explain completely all of this option in our tutorial,
at first,we must create empty project for start our work,to start at basics levels,
then we click on file,new project,or press (ctrl+n)


in this level we must browse our save place,and take name for my folder,
and there it’s open project for me,
I told you,we need mini keyboard,
A mini keyboard is a device through which we can enter music information into our project,

When the mini keyboard is connected, you will be shown at the bottom of the screen if you press a key,
When the mini keyboard is connected, if you want create midi file, you only need to press any key,
In this section that I am showing you, you can open audio, midi, and instrumental lines.,
You have a lot to do with this section, all your work is done here,

The left part of the information is about the lines,
for example, I rightclick there,
and then click on add an audio track,
it asks me what audio track do you want to choose?

what’s your audio track input?( EXAMPLE: OON DIGE NEMITOONE )
Let me give you an explanation here,
The cubase software environment is like a big mixer
That you have to understand to it what is input?
What are the things I give you?,

and what’s output?,
Things I’m going to give to cubase include microphone sound,mini keyboard and everything that connect to it,
what’s output ?
its place you can take your sound from software and you need equipment for this
for example speakers ,
Here we define the outputs,

our input on mic line ,
This is also about the name of the channel that is being opened,
For example, I call it Marg,
count,means how many do you want?

and I want three
and then it’s open for me audio line
All of these lines are stereo
what’s stereo means?

Sounds have a character, each sound is known by its own character,
The difference between a stereo and a mono is that the mono sound is in one speaker,
for example when I talk with you,My voice reaches you through a path,
and maybe you hear my reference voice but my voice is produce in a one path,
When a few people sit in a circle and talk to you, you hear these sounds from different angles.,
Because you hear the sound in different ways, you hear the stereo sound ,
but my voice character is mono,

so,We need to open the mono line for the sounds that have a mono character,
but for another sound we can open stereo line,
In all software, the first and most important thing to know is mono and stereo,
when you want record a sound ,
if you record sound from singer,,

if you record sound from guitar ,
Each microphone is a mono character,
And it has to be recorded in a mono line,
but if you want add music in your project


because It’s a stereo sound, you need stereo line for that,
Today’s software is so advanced that it creates its own line for the file you have imported,
now,You need to know the difference between mono and stereo.,
now,I imported a stereo file in my project That you understand the difference between mono and stereo,
for example, I imported ” Velesh Kon ” music in there,
as you see this music have two bands,left band and right band ,

That’s why this song is stereo, which means that the sounds that come from the left and right bands are different,
Now you can do this importe ,so that the left and right bands are displayed separately.,
click on file,then import,then audio file ,
now this time, I importe (velesh kon)music, ,

Here it ask me once you imported this do you want to use it,because all of them save in poll folder ,
I click on ‘no’ I use new one,because I want to split it, what’s split mean?,
This means separating left and right,
Here for me, the left and the right separate from the project,
It has ‘r’ here and it has ‘L’ here,

It’s mean, this is the right side of the project, and this is the left side of the project,
That’s why the two are different,
If you only hear the right band, you will hear this sound,
If you only hear the left band, you will hear this sound,

If you hear left and right together, you will hear a mixing sound, so this sound has some dimensions.,
because This music is completely mixed,
The left and right bands are different in this music,
but when you record a vocal line,

that’s line have mono character
for example, now I turn on my microphone ,
I’ll explain how to do this later, now I just want to explain Mono and Stereo,
Don’t get too confused, we just want to understand the difference between mono and stereo


in there I want to record mono line,
for this ,I must open a mono line,
first right click, add audio track, then we choose mono,then it’s open mono line,
now,in this mono line i want to record voice,
As you can see, the sound that is being recorded here is mono,
This sound is being recorded as mono, why?,

because my voice character is mono,
now,if I open stereo line, because one microphone give my voice, The voice is recorded on a band,
The voice is recorded on a band,
so,when we have many microphone we use stereo line for recording ,

for vocal recording we never use stereo line ( For example in track Ghasam )
I hope you understand the difference between mono and stereo,
And that’s what we explained today about decibels, frequency, mono and stereo,
in the next section I want teaching input and outputs ,

and you must knowing what is input and output?
Let me open this subject with an example,
And slowly move on to sound production, projects and getting acquainted with plugins and vst,
As I said, I have a dog in the house and now it is roaring
of course for neighbors
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and we started in basics levels
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